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25 to 27 NOV 2022

CEI1*100; CEI2*120; CEI3*160

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17 DEC 2022


Dorso Lusitano Stud Farm Jaime Boavista

Founded in 1993 by Jaime Manuel Caetanito Boavista Dorso Lusitano Stud Farm Jaime Boavista is dedicated to the breeding horses in Quinta das Sesmarias do Pato, Águas de Moura, Setúbal, it is currently a reference in the Portuguese stud farms.

It is especially dedicated to creation of lusitano thoroughbred and half-blood horses, having started the activity with five Lusitanian mares Veiga origin, it is one of the national stud farms which has four horses, the labors of bullfighting.

With its own facilities for accommodation, food conditions and training horses, the Stud Farm Jaime Boavista expanded its services in the field of equestrian art, with a riding school and a shop with all kinds of materials and equipment needed to whom is dedicated to this noble and ancient practice.

In order to contribute to the offer and dissemination of another alternative activity in the peninsula of Setúbal, to occupy leisure time, we are one of the stud farms in Portugal to provide pleasant moments in a rural environment, making this space available for various events, tours equestrian, school visits, birthday parties, etc.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and spend with us a different day in contact with nature and learn a little of the equestrian tradition in an environment to relax and enjoy moments of communion with the land and tradition.

Director: Jaime Manuel Caetanito Boavista

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Stud Farm Jaime Boavista offers farm matings.
Always have the guarantee of a good reproduction.
Dorso Lusitano Coudelaria Jaime Boavista  cobrições
Horses Accommodation 
The most important infrastructures that Stud Farm Jaime Boavista features are the individual boxes.
Two dozen with 2.8 x 2.8 meters and three bays with manger and automatic waterers.
Rental Boxes

The accommodation of horses in the Farm Jaime Boavista is the guarantee of clean animals and treated well, given by three doses daily feed and hay available.

Modern boxes complement all the welfare we offer to animals.

Dorso Lusitano Coudelaria Jaime Boavista aluguer de boxes
Dorso Lusitano Coudelaria Jaime Boavista aluguer de boxes
Ridding Lessons
In the riding school we are dedicated to equestrian art, from initiation classes to the improvement in the various modalities.
Dorso Lusitano Coudelaria Jaime Boavista Escola de Equitação

Horses Transactions

In Stud Farm Jaime Boavista can buy, exchange, sell or rent your horse.
Contact us.

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